Yes that is why we go the extra mile because for us music has to arouse our inner feelings to be truly meaning full so just doing the necessary is not good enough. We want the full picture, the tingling experience down the back of our spine and we want the hairs on the back of our neck to stand up !


Be it music or audio, when taken seriously, it is an expression of beauty. Exploring all possibilities to achieve beautiful sound, is simply the pursuance of beauty. ............Hiroyasu Kondo

Beauty both in sonics and aesthetics is what defines a soundkaos creation and our search for this has led us to some rather surprising results. We don't follow convention when it comes to enclosure design because we believe that all the sound created should fill the listeners environment and should not be restricted by inert and dead boxes. The tone and hardwoods we use to build our enclosures constantly shed energy and help us project sound into space. When it all falls into place beauty is assured.


The “wood sound” as we call it, is in our DNA. For 10’000 thousands of years humans have been using wood products and instruments in their daily lives and it is the closest match, from a material structure, to human bone which forms a large part of our hearing system. The synergy between wood and humans is therefore much stronger then for example with metals which evolved much later in the human evolution. Of course metals are essential in modern technology and without these we could not produce the drive units and cables we use but for the essential enclosures we know of no better material then natural wood.